Painting Canada

Painting Procedures

During our more than 32 years in business, Painting Canada has learned that when executing industrial, commercial or residential painting projects, following secure and effective painting procedures is the way to go. Not only do our painting procedures ensure the safety of our clients and painters, but they also establish strict guidelines which allow for the efficient completion of an outstanding interior or exterior painting job!

Interior painting

  • Rooms to be painted will be pre-scheduled with you, our valued customer.
  • All furniture will carefully be placed in the centre of each room, and covered with durable, protective plastic.
  • So as to avoid paint splatter, all floors will be covered with drop cloths.
  • Where required, all walls will be sanded and scraped.
  • All holes and cracks will be filled and sanded to perfection.
  • Gaps in the trim are to be caulked (as requested by you).
  • Washing will be done where necessary.
  • A coat of primer will be applied to repaired areas prior to your paint color of choice.
  • Your paint choice will be applied using a brush, roller and/or sprayer combination.
  • Walls and / or ceilings will be painted until 100% coverage is achieved.
  • Painting Canada guarantees perfectly cut lines between the ceiling and walls, and the trim and walls.
  • Your furniture will carefully be moved back into it’s original position.
  • Floors will be swept and / or vacuumed to clear away dust, debris etc.
  • All waste materials will be bagged and removed.
  • For your convenience, spare paint will be bottled, labeled and presented to you.
  • Before leaving your commercial, residential or industrial painting job site, Painting Canada’s painting team manager will perform a thorough walk-through with you to make certain that you are completely satisfied with our work. Any imperfections or areas that require touch-ups will be dealt with immediately, or, should it be necessary for us to return to your premises, as soon as possible.

Exterior painting

  • Pressure washing, which we recommend, is available upon your request.
  • Delicate areas will be hand washed, and paint chips or other debris will be scraped and / or washed away, and allowed to dry.
  • All loose paint will be removed and bare wood will be spot primed.
  • All surfaces not being painted (ie. exterior furniture) will be covered and / or moved to protect against paint splatter.
  • Glossy areas will be properly sanded to guarantee paint adhesion.
  • Windows and doors will be caulked (as requested by you).
  • All exterior areas will be painted until 100% coverage is achieved.
  • The paint you selected will be applied using a roller, sprayer and / or brush combination.
  • If specified in your Painting Canada contract, second and third paint coats will be applied upon your request.
  • Clean-up will be enforced daily by our team of painters, as well as upon completion of your commercial, industrial or residential painting project.
  • All waste materials will be bagged and removed.
  • Extra paint will be bottled, labeled and provided to you for your convenience.
  • Before leaving your industrial, residential or commercial premises, Painting Canada’s painting project manager will perform a thorough walk-through with you to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the end results. Any areas that require touch-ups, or imperfections, will be dealt with immediately, or, if necessary, our painters will return to your property as soon as possible.

Painting Canada guarantees all of the residential, commercial and industrial painting projects we complete with our 2-year limited warranty. To learn more about our warranty, please visit. Should you like to discuss our painting procedures with us in full, or for a free, no-obligation quote, please contact us!