Painting Canada

Things To Consider

Here are a few things to ask yourself before hiring a painting contractor:

  1. Has the painting contractor been in business for very long?
  2. Painting Canada has been in business for over 32 years. Our reputation for delivering exceptional industrial, commercial and residential painting services throughout Southern Ontario is proven by the many positive reviews, testimonials and letters of commendation we have received.

  3. Does the painting contractor ask for a non-refundable deposit? What happens if I want to cancel my painting project?
  4. Painting Canada does not ask for an up-front deposit, and will only accept payment once your residential, commercial or industrial painting project is complete.

  5. In the event that something goes wrong, does the painting contractor have liability insurance?
  6. Painting Canada is covered under five-million dollars in liability insurance for all painting contracts that we are involved in. Our liability insurance ensures your protection, as well as the protection of our company’s residential, commercial and industrial painters.

  7. Is the painting contractor covered for any injuries incurred to their painters on my property?
  8. Painting Canada is registered with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) of Ontario, for both customer and contractor protection.

  9. Does the painting contractor have an office, and can they easily be reached?
  10. Painting Canada is conveniently located in Hamilton. You can readily reach us at:
    207 Ferrie Street East
    Hamilton, Ontario
    L8L 3T6
    Tel: 905-572-1687

  11. Is the painting contractor licensed?
  12. Painting Canada is a member of the Hamilton Halton Home Builders Association, and the Hamilton Halton Construction Association. Our company proudly maintains an "A" Rating with the Better Business Bureau of Ontario.

  13. Will I feel comfortable with the person who is painting my home or place of business?
  14. For your peace of mind, Painting Canada regularly screens our staff by performing criminal background checks.

  15. What can I expect from a painting contractor quote?
  16. All cost-estimates provided by Painting Canada for industrial, commercial and residential painting projects includes:

    • A two-year limited written guarantee.
    • Conscientious, experienced, courteous and trained professionals.
    • Complete painting job-site clean-up, both daily and at the completion of your project.

    To further explore just how Painting Canada can assist you with your industrial, commercial or residential painting goals, please call us today for more information, or for a complimentary, no-obligation quote!